We know time is money, and that's why our staff works diligently to manage your claims fast.  Our proven sustainable and cost effective means of processing claims via EDI allow a turn-around time of less than one hour per claim without compromising quality or service.


Our repricing process is one of the most efficient and accurate in the industry. We have a 99% repricing accuracy rate thanks to:

  • Our built-in audit processes
  • Multiple levels of system and quality control measures
  • Our Information Specialist and Billing Experts have over 25 years of combined service experience.

Project Planning and Requirements Gathering
Our team will work with you to develop and define a project plan that meets your schedule expectations.
Interactive Implementation Process


VyStream repricing claim solutions offer the kind of flexibility that can integrate with existing systems or we can provide a peerless level of customization.

Our 25+ years of claims repricing experience allows us to: 

  • Accommodate any specialty codes, exceptions and procedures
  • Batch process to reprice large amounts of claims within 24 hours (in most cases)
  • Use real-time technology such as EDI transmission, web services, and FTP push and pull
  • Exceed HIPAA minimum requirements to protect confidential information and our network from viruses and unauthorized use
  • Process paper contracts manually by keystroke and/or upload an electronic file to automatically process

Powerful Solutions

Managed care contracts are getting increasingly more complex. Adjudication of complex contract terms requires these powerful solutions from VyStream:

  • Provider file loading
  • Sophisticated contract load capabilities
  • Enrollment verification
  • Import/Export EDI formats (ANSI HCFA 837 and UB04)
  • 24/7 access to claim status and repriced claims

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