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Disruption allows you to quickly determine if one or more TIN's/NPI's are in-network or out-of-network (Par vs. Non-Par).


  • Select either TIN or NPI
  • Select a specific product, if desired, or search by Any Product
  • Paste TIN's or NPI's in the large box, one per line
  • Select 'csv file' if you want to download the results to a file, or select 'screen' if you only want to quickly preview the results on screen
  • The 'Create CSV only suitable for Microsoft Excel' checkbox will cause special formatting to occur around values so that anything with a leading zero will remain intact when opening in Microsoft Excel. If you are NOT using Microsoft Excel, you should uncheck this box.
  • Click Run/Create Data File to run the report


  • If you want to do a lookup for a specific service date, and/or TIN/NPI combination, we recommend using the Claim Entry program and doing a dummy lookup, then closing the program without actually entering a claim.
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