Digital Imaging

Economical Paper Solutions

At VyStream, we can provide an economical paper solution for high and low volume clients that will slash paper processing costs by 40-60% with our Digital Imaging Services. 
Our Digital Imaging solutions will help you increase productivity in areas like:
  • Mailroom services
  • Manual data extraction
  • Business rules and tables
  • Exporting of data into EDI formats
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 
  • Manual data entry for claims that cannot be OCRed

Zero Extra Overhead

We develop our software and do our scanning on-site. What does this mean for you? While other companies will sell you additional software packages, choosing VyStream means there will never be expensive equipment and software for you to buy and maintain. 

We'll help you get on
the right course
faster than you think.

Operational in 30 days or less
Cutting Edge Technology
HIPAA Compliant