VyStream's clearinghouse simplifies the process and helps you manage the growing mountains of medical claim information—and saves you money in the process.  Many value added features provide a new level of claim intelligence for revenue cycle management.  These services are compelling from a financial perspective to an office staff efficiency point of view.

Our premium clearinghouse service offers:

  • Affordability - We make affordability achievable with our cost effective options for high and or low volume clients
  • Real Support - 1 on 1 personal training and support provided by billing experts
  • Eligibility Verification - Determine coverage before a treatment
  • Centralized Control Panel - Manage all claims form one central hub
  • Claim Status - Know the status of a claim at all times 24/7
  • Customized Reporting - Turnaround, Counts, Rejection Analysis & Solutions

Customer Service 

VyStream's  most  powerful  asset  is our  guiding 
principal of supreme customer service.   Our hands on
team of Information Specialist and Billing Experts have
over 25 years of  combined service experience and are
committed to follow-through for the life of your account.


We'll help you get on
the right course
faster than you think.

Operational in 30 days or less
Cutting Edge Technology
HIPAA Compliant