Claims Management

Claims Submission

Many value-added features provide a new level of claim intelligence for revenue cycle management.  These services are compelling from a financial perspective and to an office-staff efficiency point of view.  VyStream utilizes its own proprietary repricing system.  Our system has been operating and improving since its inception over 25 years ago. Not only do we have the knowledge and systems to process claims with speed and accuracy, we also have the capacity.  VyStream has processed well over a million claims per year.



Upon receipt of electronic or form-based claims, we apply technological safeguards to find data anomalies minimizing the occurrence of rejected claims.


Claims Status

After submitting a claim, you can view the status of your claim online or by using a mobile platform in a secured environment.  VyStream offers secure access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Our system is easy to use and provides features to perform a search using different criteria.



One of the greatest advantages of VyStream is the ability to not only provide standard reporting on your data such as Turn-Around Time (TAT), but also to quickly provide customized reporting tailored to your needs. These customized reports can be set up at the intervals best suited for your business at competitive rates.  


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